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Tree House Haven
Santiago, Dominican Republic




Tree House Haven seeks to disciple and serve teens from difficult backgrounds such as neglect, abuse, trafficking, or extreme poverty and homelessness. 


Lead by a team of pastors who have all been rescued themselves from one or more of these areas, the Their Tree pastors have a specific passion to reach back and help others through that healing and redemptive process as well. 


The focused areas of the ministry are:


Daily, focused discipleship and Biblical training

Job assistance and resume building

Enrollment and completion of a minimum of a high school education

Life-skills training

Legal documentation for those without necessary birth certificates and ID’s


Through this process, the teens live on-site and are housed and fed in a family home environment and given opportunities to dream again; an opportunity that had previously been stolen from them as they were just trying to survive before. Additionally, each teen is trained on how to reach back and help another just like them. 


Tree House Haven pastors all have one mission that they prayerfully set their focus on:

To SEEK Jesus fervently…….LOVE others sacrificially…..SHARE the Gospel boldly 


Please pray for these pastors daily as they truly are in a battlefield, and consider donating today to help fund the mission. 


Dominican Republic Prayer Points:


  • A large number of youth residing in the D.R. do not have birth certificates. Without this, they are not allowed to go beyond the 7th grade in school, get a job, be legally married, or open bank acts, etc.

  • Prostitution is legal and sex tourism thrives in the D.R. forcing many of these undocumented kids without help to turn to the “booming” sex industry to earn a living.

  • In addition to being engaged in commercial sexual exploitation many undocumented children are forced to work in agriculture, domestic work, street vending, or begging. 

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